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Marshfield Ag Service has two high clearance sprayers and one truck sprayer to serve all of your spraying needs from crop pre-emergence through tasseled corn. All of our sprayers have GPS guidance with auto shutoff and mapping capabilities.  We also sell chemicals in totes, barrels, and packaged product for DIY application. 

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Bags of Corn Seed

Marshfield Ag Service is a dealer for a variety of seed companies.  We sell corn, soybeans, small grains, alfalfa, clover, forage grasses, and much more. We offer seed packaging options to meet your needs as well as in-house seed treating and mixing.

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Soil Sampling

Grid Sample Points

Marshfield Ag Service offers a wide variety of sampling options to fit your farm’s individual needs. With the use of our automated samplers we can do GPS boundaries and grid sampling. We also offer a variety of other nutrient testing options from plant tissue testing to pre- side dress nitrate testing.   

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Marshfield Ag Service offers a wide variety of precision ag services including variable rate fertilizer, variable rate planting, viewing yield maps, viewing as applied maps, and analysis of yield data using SMS Software.

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Crop Advising

Marshfield Ag Service offers in depth comprehensive crop advising to help your farm.  We offer fertilizer, seed, and chemical recommendations. Our on staff Certified Crop Advisers will help make your crop a success.

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Nutrient MANAGEMENT Plans

Marshfield Ag Service offers personalized nutrient management planning. We work with you to make a perfect plan to fit your farm’s needs as well as meeting 590 requirements. 

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Crop Scouting

Marshfield Ag Service offers comprehensive crop scouting services with the use of field scouts and drones. Marshfield Ag Service is licensed with the FAA for safe and legal use of our drones.

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Crop Insurance

Insurance Logo

At Marshfield Ag Service we offer a full line up of crop insurance that will fit your individual farm’s need.  We offer insurance through Farmers Mutual Hail insurance company.